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My Platform

Responsible government

I will make sure the qualified people, get the right positions, and do the right things.


Economic development

City Ordinance to ensure fair wages and a fair bidding process for development projects.  Require any large development project to abide by existing residency requirement for contractors and workers.


Innovative thinking

Proposing ordinances that will bring the city revenue, bring former residents' home, and welcome new residents to the city.  Creative ways to fight blight and re-purpose abandoned property making them available to entrepreneurs and job creators.

Public Safety

As a former Gary Police Officer and Deputy Prosecutor, I understand the needs of both officers and citizens. I will combat dangerous budget cuts to our public safety. My wife and I are raising our children in Gary. If it affects your family, it also affects my family.


I will be a councilman for the entire city, every district counts.  If I have a seat at the table, you have a seat at the table.


Full text of each bill available on my website prior to final vote.  Monthly office hours in local businesses to address citizens' concerns. A commitment to address residents' concerns prior to a final vote.  Responsible budgeting that does takes into account the city’s public safety concerns.